Friday, April 26, 2013


So yesterday i had disappointing Skype sex.
Yes, two of my "special man friend" came super quick and left me half-way there. The first one in the am, the second in the evening.
Thing is, the only thing that makes Skype sex worth it is coming.
I you don't make me come, WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT.
I can play with myself alone. The perk of doing it with you and coming together, or watching the other come and share that intense moment. Since we don't touch, the least you can do is excite me enough and LONG ENOUGH to make me come.
I had to finish myself off with good old porn twice in the same day. It's sad when a russian "air marshall" and a random "boss" can make you come better than a real guy.

So even though it's not "real" sex per say, my men: you better perform, otherwise, we won't be interested anymore. Real Sex or Internet Sex.

Needless to say that was a frustrating day for me.