Thursday, April 25, 2013



Society has shown women that sex sells, but typically only displaying a very niche way of being sexy.
That our body is the first and foremost vehicle of that. The heart and mind come second, if at all.
That the body should be on display for others in a very provocative way.
Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, we should be given more variety.

What I have always loved about women like Sade is that they are undeniably sexy for different reasons.
Though she is a stone cold hottie, she offers a different take on what sexy can be.

A woman can be smooth. Cool. Seemingly introspective. She can lure you in with her voice and then command you with her personality and her words. A woman whose thoughts you WANT to know about. A woman should be allowed to be sexy in more ways than one. One that hasn't already been decided by the media. We should be able to show our daughters that sensuality comes from within, and that sexuality is little without it.

I want my daughters to understand that their sexuality should not rely on pleasing others more than themselves.

And with that, I present you with Sade.