Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So i finally had sex with this insanely good looking man i met last year in Miami.
But even though the performance was good…like better than i actually expected it to be, i still didn't care for it at all…. he ate me really good, we even started in the shower and used the mirror as a guest but it was "blah".
It lacked the most important thing: a sexual connection, a sexual tension. It was so clear that we were gonna have sex that there was no game, no crazy tension, (you know the one that makes you wet just with a look or the touch of a finger on your neck), nothing.
Funny thing is he told me he was pretty happy with the whole thing, being completely ignorant of my lack of real interest. I guess the fact that i was doing him right, wet and actively participating was enough proof of my happiness. Men…
Somehow, i used to be able to fuck a man just based on his look. But it seems now, i need a bit more…like a conversation or real foreplay (the one that comes before fingering, licking my breast, and eating me out, the REAL foreplay starts hours before..).
I think i'm becoming a woman again.