Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Favorites [The Sexy Edition]

Yes Ladies and Gents, it's that time of year when we still around and contemplate about the year that's past and dream about the year to come. As a blogger of course I constantly feel the need to externalize my thoughts so here's a few of my sexy favorites for 2012.

Fav Sex Reference Source

Who needs porn when you have tumblr sex gifs?! This has no doubt been my addiction this year. Anytime I need a little visual stimulation I just head to my favorite tumblr sex blogs and it's a go. The best thing is that I no longer have to hear the shitty story lines or weird moans that used to completely put me off of porn. I follow a bunch off blogs but my downright favorite is Always Aroused

Fav Sex Music
For me the best sex music has always been 80s/90s RnB so I've been listening to the same old tapes for decades now when I'm feeling sexy and it was well getting a little old. Thankfully an amazing producer from Montreal heard my prayers and made the sickest remixes of my favorite RnB classics. His name is Kaytranada

If you haven't heard this remix yet you're in for an amazing ear-gasm!

Fav Time of Day For the Deed

Nuff Said.

Fav Sexy Hollywood Movie

Ya ya it came out in 2011 but I saw it this year and I loved it. I'm big on fun sex and well their relationship is exactly how I like my love affairs.

Fav Sex Act

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Head please.

haha no but for real I've been much less on the sex tip this year and much more on the foreplay and head tip. Whether it be giving or receiving that is definitely my favorite act this year.

Fav Sexy Video

L'effet que tu me fais - Paul Cargnello

Like I said I love fun love affairs.

Any favorites y'all like to share? I'm especially wondering about favorite toys cause a universe I'd like to explore in 2013.

Happy Holidays Xo