Thursday, August 9, 2012


So my girlfriend told me a tale of how she met a man who said that it's okay for men to sleep around because they don't get "loose and gross" like women. I know. There's so little logic in that statement that steam comes out my chacha.

Anyways, being aware of kegels, my girlfriend and I laughed among ourselves as to what she COULD'VE said to that man. But it had to start with "Bitch please! I'm so tight,..."

Here are a few:

"Bitch please! I'm so tight, I can carry 3 bags of groceries home!"

"Bitch please! I'm so tight, I crack walnuts at Christmas!"

"Bitch please! I'm so tight, I open a 6er in one shot."

"Bitch please! I'm so tight, I grind my own coffee."

"Bitch please! I'm so tight, I once threw the first pitch at a major league baseball game!"

And so on....

Think of your own and write one for us!