Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today I was at work and in a boardroom meeting when all of a sudden, my brain says "UH OH!". You guessed it. Period. It wasn't one of them "spottings" or something. It was a full force menstrual tsunami.  If you were quick enough to catch it, the look on my face went from mild boredom to OMFGWHATDOIDO? I quickly excused myself and walk-ran to the bathroom.

I looked down. I had a longer shirt. It was about 3-5 inches long. "UGH." I exclaimed. And our sinks are right beside the door! Do I risk taking off my pants knowing someone could walk in?

I decide to pump some handsoap AND SCRUB LIKE ITS GOING OUTTA STYLE!!!!
I'm getting more aggressive. They are my good shorts. I scrub and scrub and scrub. "UGH! GET OFF!" scrub scrub scrub "GET OFF DAMN YOU!"

*door swings open to me almost violently rubbing away at my crotch and yelling*

"You're lucky it's me." said my co-worker.