Thursday, April 5, 2012


You know what i'm referring to, most of us ladies have lived it maybe (and sadly) more than once.
You know that time you slept with this one guy you didn't necessarily like that much or was that attracted to, but somehow did it to either get over another guy or just coz u wanted new action.

And then the sex is blaah or even bad.

But SOMEHOW the Mother Fucking Theresa in you decides to give him another chance or just try again 'coz he's a nice guy.
Then the Upside Down Universe takes over and the dude starts acting like a fucking prick!

Now your heart is beating faster from anger because U KNOW THAT FEELING OF W-T-F!!!!!
You just wanna go "yo, asshole, YOU'RE the loser, your dick is not half good plus you're an idiot and I WAS COOL ENOUGH to stick with you, what Universe do you live in??!?"

The Upside Down Universe. The one all the "fake nice guys" come from.