Sunday, June 28, 2015


All penises come in different shapes, tastes and sizes. That is a beautiful thing. As we, women, are just as diverse.

The Kamasutra has classified both our sexual organs in 3 categories to simplify art and techniques... but the discovery is always a heart beating event to me.
Now I have my preferences when it comes to grooming, shapes, angles, circumcision...
But I have recently discovered one thing i am not fond of: saggy balls.

Balls, like breasts, are subject to gravity. And depending on your lifestyle and their weight, you should probably realize that you need to give them appropriate support if you don't want them to slowly and permanently move closer to the ground.

Although i do love the sweet smacking of one's balls on my ass while he is fucking me, i do not love trying to gather all of the skin in order to get to your balls. By that time, i will loose my "appetite" to put them and their giant pocket in my mouth. Sorry.

Beauty in general, is not a question of one type of shape, one precise element... is is a matter of the elegance of balance between things (whether it is facial features, body, architectures... or a dick and balls.)

My men, take better care you your lovely balls please.