Monday, May 25, 2015


This has never happened to me. To meet a man that physically isn't in perfect shape and find him really attractive.
I have herd my girlfriends say it all the time: i don't care if he's a bit chubby, i find him very hot.
See i have this pet peeve that i am not proud of: men chubby stomachs.
I can't, i just CAN'T.
I know how vain this makes me sound. I'm working on it, trust me.
But the other day, i met someone who's work I truly admire. Not only that but he turned out to be a real Mensch. And i know it was never physical as i had no idea what he looked like before meeting him. I only knew his work. 
We spend hours walking around the city at night. Nothing else. I didn't even kiss his cheek or touched his hand. We just talked and enjoyed each other's energy and company. Then we said bye and that was that.
And he had a stomach. And I couldn't care less, as i now regularly think of him in a very dreamy way...
I think i am becoming an adult.