Tuesday, May 13, 2014


In a little over a week after it's creation, #mystealthyfreedom Facebook Page has reached 143K followers. 
Now this page is not like these "let's share fake quotes about peace and inspirational feedom phrases copied from corny sites about freedom" pages.

No, this page, created by Masih Alinejad, invites iranian women to uncover their hair and take pictures of themselves doing it. An act of simple freedom that is against the iranian law.

Here are a few examples of these courageous ladies and girls taking a step against oppression on women. (because, of course men can go around in tank tops and no hats.)

You go girls, Nobody nor no law should ever tell us what to wear, nor make society shame us if we show our naked head.

I saw this sentence written on a wall, as big as you can see, and I said to myself that I was not gonna walk past it without taking a photo with this piece of art! What a skin deep perception of the words Sister, Hijab ,and Heaven.
The sentence on the wall reads: My sister, HIJAB is your entrance ticket into heaven!

This photo was taken in autumn ( in Sorkhehesar Park). My mind was busy with freedom; but my body all trembled with fear; I trembled as the autumn leaves in the wind! yes, my moments of stealthy freedom have always been full of fear. freedom is the oldest dream of all Iranian women 
I hope one day this dream comes true at last

I found this wonderfully beautiful place in the alley next to there. I took my headscarf off without worrying at all and took a photo. Post my photos if you feel like doing it. Just please do not mention my name.Hoping for the day wind will dance with our hair in the air.

Dear Masih, I have never stopped breaking this ugly chain that impediments human-being . I have never been negligent to this matter and I have always taken action toward this compulsory hijab, I have ignored wild and blaming looks on people's faces and done what I've thought has been more appropriate and human. I'm sending these photos to your significant page as a proof (of my stealthy freedom). May the day come when we don't have to leave our home country in order to reach basic human rights that we are entitled to.

We only live once, we won't let this chance go without enjoying our freedom.
Here we are in a village called Biyazeh located in a desert.

Neither a subversive nor a dangerous person I am! Neither a whore nor necessarily against this system. Can you understand that?!
Stealth freedom in Dasht-e-Havij
It is not that it happens once every six months or once a year that I feel that I hate this scarf they have forcibly made me wear. I hate it each and every day! Every day as I put it on and get out of the house I hate myself for having it on. I feel bad for my hair, who is thirsty for dancing with the wind in the park and on the street.
One of my close friends, who is dear to me as my own brother, always says “I'm ashamed of wearing a T-Shirt in front of you girls while you have to stand all those clothes on, in such hot weather”.
Neither a subversive nor a dangerous person I am! Neither a whore nor necessarily against this system.
I just can’t stand the heat in these clothes! As simple as this! Can you understand?! In this summer heat (over 40 degrees centigrade) my brain starts to boil under this piece of cloth covering it. Mr. Policeman, Why don’t you try it yourself?! Wear a scarf on your head only for two hours and stand under the summer sun.

There's no pleasure beyond Freedom. I want my hair to be caressed by the kind hands of wind. It might be the smallest kind of freedom one could ever wish for; but I have been robbed of it. 

Fire under the ashes...burned generation(term to reffer to those who were born in Iran between 1970 and 1980) just like the way they burned us each of us too gonna burn them so that our name will become fire generation we are the fire generaion announce that everywhere we are the fire generation.