Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Oh Instagram..... you are like a stuck-up annoying stingy and fakely righteous lady that enjoys imposing her very simplistic opinions on others.
I understand you have certain rules you must enforce, in order to keep your App "decent" but there are a few obvious things that you seem to be to dumb or to blind to see.
Instagram has become a platform of many things, self-promotion being the biggest. But some people take it waaaay too seriously, as they spend indecent amount of time/energy on making the others "like"what they have decided they "are".
A lot of instagram soft porn results of this because too many girls only see "power"/"meaning" in over sexualizing themselves. A lot of them do it in a slightly hypocritical way ... taking closeups of their cheeks in wedgy-worn-see-through leggings with a ridiculous "inspirational quote under it to make it "decent" and "ok". So many sticking-their-asses-out with half-open-mouthes, or just the classic selfie with the "i'd-totally-suck-your-dick-if-you-were-here attitude , quickly followed but a picture of a cute puppy with a stupid cupcake.
And i'm not even going to talk about the new self taught "photographers" that just post images of young girls acting like sluts convinced that because the "photographer" has 15K followers, he must be "legit" and this is "art".
Any way, you get my point.

None of these extremely vulgar images are censored.
And i am not saying they should be, (as maybe just a few really cross the line of indecency in my opinion.) But if you are going to censore things, please try to make a little sense when you do.

What i am saying is if you leave these types of images on your platform, do not censored the way more artistic ones because you think you saw a hint of a nipple. (remember the time Facebook censored the image of Courbet's L'Origine du Monde?) Are we really still stuck at this definition of "nakedness"?? I had already written about this back in 2011 on this blog.

If you are worried about the "moral" and the next generations well know that you are teaching them everything that is wrong by not explaining the IMPORTANT difference between nudity and vulgarity. Sex and Porn. That the intention make for a lot of an image, and if the intention is dirty, chances are the image will be, even if you can't see any fucking nipple.

So for the sake of me and of Art, here is the censored image.à

Vandal. #feminism #power #missmeart