Thursday, April 3, 2014

Capture me Naked

Since I was young, I've always really loved erotic images. I remember that in my early teen years I would get so aroused by the erotic comics I would encounter and as a one of the first girls in my class to have a C cup, I found myself identifying with these busty characters and wanting to emulate their sensuality. I still have a particular love for erotic comics but recently my love for images has shifted towards photography. There's something about seeing someone else indulge in the beauty of their body that reminds you that you have permission to do so as well. However as a member of a visible minority sometimes I find myself craving images of bodies I can relate to. I crave to see hair that curls like mines, breast as full as mine and skin as dark as mine. It's not that I haven't found any black erotica online, it's that a grand majority of the black erotica I find is degrading and crass, at least in my opinion. That issue of misrepresentation has been lingering in my head for a while but now that I'm in a loving relationship with a black man it bugs me even more. The beautiful, sensual and loving black couple that my man and I are is virtually unrepresented in the erotic scene I follow and its left me with a want to capture what we have and eternalize it.

When I mentioned this idea to him, he agreed with his suggestively sly smile that makes me know that this is going to be a sexy photo shoot I won't forget but I have to admit that as soon as he agreed all these worries came rushing into my mind. Where are we going to it? Should I rent a lighting kit? Clothes on or off? Will we be posting any of these online? How good do I really look naked?! I didn't really think about it when I suggested the idea but bringing a camera into our intimacy gives us a chance to explore ourselves from a third perspective which is both thrilling and terrifying. We plan to embark on this adventure very soon so I thought I'd come to you guys to see if anyone has personal experiences with at home erotic photography they wanna share and maybe a few helpful tips. In the meantime I've been checking out Tumblr for some inspiration shots that y'all might like.