Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Lately i decided to try something new. I decided to get out of the classic female tradition of self-blaming when a relationship, or a fling, doesn't work out. 

I try to not let the devilishly feminine thought of "what did i do wrong?" " i must have fucked up for sure" hijack my brain only to drive it into "i'm not worthy of love"-crying myself to sleep bullshit.
It's a stupid  trap and is not objective for one damn second. 
So i now take the very different and way more objective way of trying to invert roles, and see how i would have reacted to my so-called "giant fuck-ups" and realized i've been ok with worse shit on his side. 
So basically, after i have very ego-less-ly tried to maybe "fix" it and it didn't work, i can honestly say that i have tried my best.
And therefor have no regrets.
Accept that i have accepted his flaws and he didn't seem to accept mine. Or maybe he just wasn't THAT into me after all... ( never take what they say as a truth longer than a few days/weeks).

So at the end, i can confidently say:
"It's not me, it's him."

And that feels so much better that the usual bullshit.