Sunday, February 2, 2014


Bad boys..... Nice guys.
Seems like the everlasting dillema men don't get about women. Even women themselves  sometimes won't understand their own behaviour.... And no, don't even TRY to call us hysterical or "crazy", these are just some ignorant mysogenic comments. 
Here is the way i see it: it's not reallyabout "good" vs "bad", it's more "all over you, obviously into you, nothing to conquer" attitude vs the " i like you, but it's not that obvious" behaviour. 
It's part of the beautiful and important system of seduction.
The sweet and spicy "game", the  dreamy "strategies" and the heart-pounding hopes.
When a man offers himself on a silver platter.... It kinda looses it's shines. Like an Hermes bag for 10$. 
I need to visualize you from a distance... be able to make myself desirable... work for it, even a tiny-little bit... Everything is so much more tasteful then.
When a man is all up in my space, banging on my door with a hundred roses and his suitcases, just waiting for me to say yes.... the consequences seem too big, the visualisation impossible... And it's almost worthless as sometimes, it's harder  to "believe" he really likes you, as it had seemed way too easy. 
My men, even if you love a girl... Take it slow, keep a charming distance, don't be obvioulsy only-and-always about her... when you do so, not only do you end up "chocking" her, but your personality seems to dissapear, only showing a reflecion of her... and women want a man, not a modeled ghost.
So yes, you then become the "nice" guy, in a bad way. 
It's not that we want bad boys,(I personally hate bad boys) but we like the "attitude" of the so-called "bad boys". The "i want to reach him" seductive distance.
But with the niceness and respect we all appreciate in other human beings we keep around us.  
See, not crazy.