Saturday, December 14, 2013

The slowly dissapearing art of Kissing.

You know what i miss? Good kissers. 

The kind of person that electrifies your whole body by slightly rubbing his soft lips on yours... The one that will take his sweet-ass time to gently caress your mouth with his... And take more than half a nano- second before he introduces you to his precious thongue.
To kiss is an art. It is beautiful and precious when well done.

So here is my personal to-do list for proper kissing:

- Take your damn time! As for anything erotic, the tension BEFORE anything happens is almost as important as the action itself. Wait. Wait even more. And when you feel it is time: wait another second while looking deep into the other's eyes. 
- Go slow, be gentle. As lips are über-sensitive and are made of a million sensitive nerves. So make every contact count. 
- Even if you like ruff kissing, or even dirty-i-wanna-eat-you-up-kissing, it's important to start softer. Would it be to emphasize the amazingly hot ruff part later. So please: keep you mouth RELAXED. Nothing less sensual than hard lips that suck-and-hit yours. Remember, your lips are a muscle, don't flex them. 
- Don't put your big sloppy tongue in the others mouth right away. Wait a bit to introduce it. And introduce it with games and fun sensual licks and tongue caresses. 
- Mix the kiss-with-thongue and the ( very under-ratted) kiss-no-tongue. It's more fun and allows one to breathes. As you should be kissing each other longuer than 4 minutes. 

Kissing is an art. And when well done, can bring one to crazy erotic heights. You know, like when we were teens and would get so wet just with amazing kissing sessions. 
Yeah, you know.