Saturday, November 9, 2013

Preventive masturbation

Lately i have noticed a new habit of mine. preventive masturbation. What in the world is that you might ask? Well.... I've been known to be a very sexual girl when it comes to dealing with long distance "relationship/flings" via technology. I have given myself into the irresisible temptation of sexy pictures/ texts/ audionotes/ skype... And once you go there, you really can't turn back. 
So in order to prevent my urges to send my latest man sexy pics and deviates all our nice and interesting skype sessions into pure sex, i will use PM. 
As soon as we hang up, even though his sweet eyes have been telling le a million erotic stories, i will use this excitement i'm in, and just touch myself immediately after and come. This way, i do not feel this sweet urge to start sexting with him and change what we have for now.. I'm keeping all of this for when we see each other again in a few weeks... Trying to play it old-school i guess...