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The Worst Person In The World Will Pay You $1,500 To Find Him A Girlfriend.

Plus a bonus $1,000 if the relationship leads to marriage. Which it probably won’t, because, well, read ahead…

It features this bro, who goes by the name Romeo Rose.

I am willing to pay anyone $1,500 as a finders fee for anyone that can help find me a girlfriend. (I will give you a extra $1,000 as a bonus if this turns into marriage, I offer this extra bonus as I hope it will motivate you to find me a woman of great quality)

I have been in Austin over 3 years now and have not been successful at finding a girl that wants a long term relationship in all this time, so I would like to enlist the readers here in my search, and I will pay anyone $1,500 if you can actually make this happen.

I am 39 years old, (date of birth is 9-18-1974 so that makes me a Virgo) 6′,4″ and 195lbs. I live in South Austin. I am looking for a girl that has a thin or athletic build. No one over 130lbs. Ages 21 – 41 White, Hispanic, or of European descent.

Serious inquires only

Please make sure you click on the link to the FAQ in the above menu as I am sure it will explain a lot to you and answer many questions you may have about how this works and how you will get paid.

On the front page of the site, he describes the arrangement he’s looking to make.
Romeo’s ploy has been so “popular” that his site keeps crashing.

Maybe that’s because of photos like this…

Or the “photos of my famous friends” section…

But it’s probably because Romeo is misogynistic, homophobic, and blatantly racist, and no one can believe that he’s real.

Here’s just a small selection of the grossest tidbits Mr. Rose says he has to offer one lucky woman.

Spelling and other errors were kept intact.

From the FAQ: Why don’t you just join a online dating site like E-Harmony, Match, POF, OKCupid, etc, etc, etc.?

Women would message me on those sites but I refused to even meet them to to either A. They were unattractive and overweight. or B. They had “issues”. It is my firm belief that most women on dating sites are so unattractive they just don’t have many options in real life so they hide behind a screen. Or they just have too many issues. There’s usually a reason why a woman would look for a man on a dating site. It’s usually because she has tried to find a man in real life but couldn’t. This is usually due to her appearance, or to other issues.

Explaining what a “girlfriend/boyfriends relationship” really means:

In order for you to get paid, you are going to have to find a girl that has interest in me, that I am also interested in, and a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship will have to become established before you will get paid. The amount of time that takes depends upon the chemistry the girl has with me. Everyone is different. Not everyone does things at the same speed. Some women are slower than others when it comes to things evolving into a actual girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. You do not get paid anything just because you give me a girls name and number. You do not get paid anything just because you introduce me to a girl at Starbucks, we exchange numbers and then go out on a date that week. You do not get paid anything just because you set up a date for me to go out with a girl and she decides to have sex with me on that date. That would be considered a one night stand, that’s not a relationship. I’m not looking for sex. I’m looking for a relationship. But of course sex does have to happen for it to be considered a real girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, and it has to happen on more than just 2 or 3 seperate occassions.

So, who IS Romeo Rose?

Romance is the air I breathe, for without it I surely would die!
So many people often wonder, what is the purpose of life, why are we here, what is the secret of the Universe etc. etc.
I know the answer to this. The answer is simple. The answer is Love.
The meaning and purpose of life is nothing more than love, for a life without love would be completely meaningless and would cease to have any purpose whatsoever!
Love is the only thing that truly drives me, I follow my Heart, always.
I am an Artist, Musician, Poet, Composer, Performer, Businessman, I am many things. I am very creative & artistic. I can be accurately described as being both a CEO & a Rockstar all at the same time, both of those perfectly existing in one person, Me. I am a very unique man. There is NOTHING typical, average, normal, or ordinary about me whatsoever!

I have a way of leaving lasting impressions on people the first time they meet me, they never forget me, and the more a person gets to know about me the more they realize that they have never, ever met another human being in this world like me!
I like to do abstract paintings on canvas with acrylic paints. Although it’s been a few years since I’ve had time to paint anything, I will eventually find the time to paint again in the future.
I love music. I have been playing guitar since I was 5 years old. I’ve written and recorded a lot of original songs. My favorite type of songs to write are love songs.

I’ve also written a book of love poetry.
I do wedding photography on the weekends as well as all other types of photography. And I also work another job Monday through Friday, and i also am currently working a lot of overtime.

Where in Austin does Romeo live?

I know I live in SouthEast Austin, but I do not consider the spot I live to be the real East Austin, I just see where I live as South Austin.
To me, North Austin looks to much like any other city, boring, lacking the “Austin” vibe, the people up there remind me a little of Dallas people, and I do not like Dallas at all. And I do not like anything at all about anything near the Rundberg area up North.
And when I think of East Austin, I think of areas like around 12th & Chicon, that just looks like poverty striken, ghetto people crime infested neighborhoods, full of the trashy people that have long criminal records and lack any proper education. There’s nothing good I can say about East Austin, in fact I think East Austin is a disgrace the the great city of Austin and I wish we could eliminate that whole segment of the population from our beautiful city. Hopefully, that area will be filled with condos or something so that that “type” of people will be priced out of Austin and no longer be able to afford to live within our city limits here.

There’s very little crime in Austin, but when you do hear about crime, it’s usually up North near Rundberg or Airport Blvd, or it’s East Austin.

What beliefs does Mr. Rose hold dear?

I also do not support homosexuality. I think it’s disgusting, and morally wrong. I think it’s the trait of a defective human being.
I am old fashioned. I am conservative. I believe men should be men, and women should be women. God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.
Furthermore, I do not believe homosexuals should be allowed to teach in schools or hold any type of job in which they have any type of interactions with children in which they could leave a false impression that homosexuality is ok on their young minds.
Now with that said, go ahead and ask me how I feel about Gay marriage…
And I will tell you that I am ok with that, because you know what, I’m just one person, I can’t stop it from happening, so if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, and I am a Wedding Photographer, so just think if they allow Gays to legally marry, the income I make from Wedding Photography basically would double overnight wouldn’t it! hahaha!!!!
Now with that said, I am not a mean or hateful person. I am a very easy going, nice, peaceful guy. And I work with people sometimes that are Gay and never have any problems with them. We get a long fine.

Well, now that we know he’s a bigot… what else would he like his prospective matchmakers to know?

I don’t go out of my way to recycle, I mean I don’t separate my trash into different trash cans etc, plastic in one and this or that in the other like some people do. I don’t have time for that nonsense. The world will be here for as long as I live, and after I’m gone, whatever happens to this Earth is of no concern to me. I don’t have time for recycling. Let that be someone else’s job to sort out all of that stuff.
People now a days are always wanting everything to be green, like hybrid cars etc. Me, I am planning on getting a 1977 Corvette Stingray soon with a 350 V8 engine that will only get about 10 miles a gallon. How’s that for green??? hahaha!!!!
I don’t worry about killing trees when I waste paper either. And when I go out to eat dinner, I don’t care if I eat all of my food or not, it does not bother me to throw away whatever I am not hungry to eat.
Can you tell yet I’m not one of those Hippies that you see so much of here in Austin????


Romeo is starting to seem like a not very nice person. What else does he have in store for us?

I am not a Racist person. In fact I tend to get along much better with Black guys than I do White guys.
However, I do not like Rap or Hip Hop music. I do not even consider that to be real music. And I do not like Black people that listen to that kind of music. I do not like Black people that have a criminal record or smoke pot or do any other type of drugs. I do not like Black people that live in the “projects” or live off welfare or food stamps. I do not like Black people that do not have a full time job. I do not like Black people that wear their pants halfway down to their knees. And I do not like Black people that don’t speak proper English and pronounce their words correctly. I do not like Black people that dress like thugs or gangstas. I do not like uneducated Black People. And if you are a Black person that lives in East Austin or up North Austin around the Rundberg area then chances are I probably don’t like you either! So there! haha!!!!!

I am NOT racist. I just do NOT like ignorant, useless, TRASH.
I also don’t like White people that do those same types of things!
And, I do not believe that Whites & Blacks should mix races sexually and have kids together.
I think it’s ok for Whites & Hispanics. But not Blacks.
I would NEVER, EVER, EVER date a woman if I found out she had EVER been sexually active with a Black man.
That would just be pure filth.

OK, well, now: What is Romeo looking for in a woman?

I am looking for a decent girl that wants to be in a long term monogamus relationship with me.
I want the girl to be attractive.

I like girls that are thin, or with a toned or athletic build. A average build is fine too, just as long as you are not over weight. I will not date a overweight or fat girl.
I like girls that are 130 pounds or less. Of course weight needs to be in proportion to their height, as long as they aren’t considred overweight, they should be fine.
Being overweight is a total dealbreaker with me.

…Well, next there must be some stuff about the woman’s brains or personality, right?

I also like girls with long hair. I like a girl to look like a girl, not a man, I like a feminine, pretty girl. I like hair down to the shoulders at least. Sometimes I can make exceptions if it is shorter depending on how it looks on the girl. But for the most part, I love long hair.
Redheads are my favorite, next is Brunettes, and next is Blondes, in that order. I like all 3, but I’m just saying if I had to choose, that’s my order of preference.

Great to know. What’s next?

I will not date a Black girl. I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry, I will not ever date a Black girl.
However, I will date any other race, Hispanic, Mexican, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, European, White, whatever, anything except Black.

REMEMBER WHEN HE SAID HE’S NOT RACIST? Glad we’re all on the same page. What else?

I do not like glasses on a girl. Although, it’s not a dealbreaker, as long as she can wear contacts at least most of the time.

Surely by now Romeo has thought of something other than a woman’s appearance that he cares about…

I like a girl that dresses on the conservative side. Not like a slut, and not anything weird. Just normal is fine. T-Shirt & Jeans are OK. But a girl in a dress really gets my heart racing! I also love it when a girl wears a mini skirt with boots, not cowboy boots, but sexy boots. Or high heels, I love spiked high heels!
I like a girl that takes care of herself and keeps herself clean of course.
I love it when a girl wears sexy lingerie in the bedroom! Especially thigh highs!

OK, so — let’s wrap this up… What does Romeo really want to emphasize at the end of this lengthy list of requirements?

I prefer a woman that has never had children, because having kids does ruin a womans body often times. They end up with stretch marks. And also sometimes it makes their vagina looser, and I don’t care how many kegel exercises a woman does, after she has 2 or 3 eight to ten pound babies, you can’t tell me it’s going to be 100% as tight as it ever was! Plus, what’s even worse than all of that, is sometimes during childbirth the lips/vulva of a woman get torn and they never look the same as the did originally even after they heal, that’s why some women even get cosmetic reconstructive surgery to their vulvas after childbirth to try and regain their original appearance.
Now I’m not saying having had a kid or two is a for sure dealbreaker for me, but it’s a case by case basis, and I prefer a woman that’s never had kids if possible. My ex-girlfriend that I was with for Eleven years never had kids, she couldn’t because of a hysterectomy at a young age

One last thing:

I like to get a lot of attention in a relationship, and I like to give it as well.
I also have a very high sex drive.

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