Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So here's the scoop:

I'm a Canadian girl with East-Indian heritage. I grew up around a lot of white boys. I like white boys. I find I date mainly white boys. I have no problem with this. However, sometimes, others do. It's come up in discussion with some black and brown men. Thing is, I never bring it up. It is often mentioned when they ask me out, I say "No thanks" politely or "I'm not interested, but thank you." and they continue to prod as to "Why?" I don't like to lie and say "I have a boyfriend." or "I don't want to date right now." That's misleading and dishonest.

I have a preference for white men. I'm not really ashamed of it either. I have dated half Asian/white and maybe a bit Hispanic, but they had European features. In all honesty, I don't think it's anyone's business who I should and shouldn't date.

"You got no love for the black/brown man?"
Never said that at all. I treat everyone equally. You just don't get into the discotheque that is my vajeen.

"Black men/ Indian men can be good guys too."

Absolutely. I have NO reason to stop treating any man of colour with less respect than a white man. They are people who have just as much ability to be good, honest, kind, loving, sexy. I acknowledge all of this, it's simply just not who I'm physically attracted to.

It boils down to this: My vagina is not a democratic country. I do not have to allow people in. There is no Ellis Island. It is not an Equal Opportunity Society. Seniors don't get in with a 30% discount. Jersey Shore motherfuckers don't get a free pair of RayBans at the door....

As a woman, I get to choose who comes in my vagina and if I want any persons coming out of it too. I have 100% obligation to treat all of mankind equal, but I do not have to allow every willing man inside of me. That is my right. You may not like it, but tough shit. I make the rules and no amount of guilting will sway me and I am not a traitor to my race. Any man who has ever said that last bit acts as if he is more entitled to my vagina than anyone. Does that sound like someone who even regards me as a person????

My advise for these men, as always, is to find a woman that IS sexually attracted to them instead of wasting time on a woman who isn't...and to be aware that they too, have preferences.