Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I always believed that it would have to be the muslims that would have the real power to save Islam from it's extremists. Moderate, smart educated muslims. Especially when it comes to women and freedom of speech.

Free Arabs is just that: smart, critical, fearless and educated.

"“Democracy, Secularism, Fun”— that’s our motto. We fight authoritarianism and corruption, advocate free elections and open government, and champion individual freedoms—from religious to sexual. As for the ‘fun’ part… it’s just us :) Intellectual curiosity, creativity, and humor are the staples of the “Free Arabs” generation."

Here are a few of my favorite videos. From a brilliant 12 year old boy that schools islamists on how to treat women in society, to a young female poet that struggles with her arab and female identity, to a brilliant parody of a "fatwa show", to a female rap against islamist stereotypes on women,  to the "immoral" parts of arab "forbidden" movies.

Simply brilliant.

see Here.