Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dry Spell Insights

It's been ... since I've gotten any.

I don't wanna mention the exact amount of time cause whether or not that is a very long time is hyper subjective but what I can tell you is that I've past the stage where you're constantly horny and entered the stage where every man is nothing more than a ken doll for me. It was my own personal decision cause I'm on a hunt for quality so I'm not too mad about the whole situation and to be honest I've actually learned a lot about myself during time so I thought I'd share 3 insights I've learned during my Dry Spell.

3. There is such a thing as Vagina Goggles. 
During that first stage of my dry spell where I was horny all day everyday I was considering men that I would be ashamed to present to my taxi driver, let alone my family. What's worse is that these weren't new encounters these were the same old dudes that i keep around for rainy day. When I realized how stupid my vagina goggles were making me I did a full clean up of my little black book. If I can't be seen with you in daylight you can't seeing me in dim light. point. [my book thinned out quite a bit :( ]

2. I really do love dick.
Now every girl is different so maybe you don't give a flying shit about penetration but I apparently can barely live without it. Don't get me wrong I love masturbating but it really isn't the same for me. I miss riding someone and that sensation when the tip first enters you. I considered venturing into the dildo etc world [yup till this date I've never stuck any toy in me] but I really don't think it would be enough for me. It's the whole sex package deal that I enjoy. His scent, griping his muscles, his lips, etc. and so far you can't simulate that. However as a response to me not getting any my libido has reached a record low. I barely ever even think about sex anymore. Which leads me to my last insight

1. Chastity leads to unbelievable Productivity.
All that time that I've spent of boyfriends is now spent on me. All that time I've spent flirting up a storm just so I can get a mediocre lay is now spent on my projects. All that time I've spent daytime sex dreaming is now spent on my daily tasks. I have never been so organized and productive and it all due to my no sex pact. I don't think about getting a man, I don't try to seduce, I just do me and well it's about freaking time. Now I'm not saying everyone needs to go the no sex path to get further in their career but from time to time it might be good to put yourself in check and just think could I be doing something just a little more productive than waiting for this lowlife's text. Well that was my situation I needed to stop seeking approval and attention from people I don't even approve of. I needed to center my energy on me and I needed to stop having sex till I find a guy worth having sex with. So far I've met none and I have a feeling it'll be a while before I do but on the flip side my self-worth has never been better.