Thursday, December 8, 2016


Things work in weird ways sometimes...
So i have been really frustrated with this guy i was seeing... great qualities but damn he could piss me off. By his immaturity, his lack of awareness and above all, his lack of pussy-licking.
And this week, this ex of mine shows up in town.... and reminds me of everything i loved about mature, older, classy PUSSY-EATING men.
Goodness, it's like God felt sorry for me. So he send me everything i lacked for one good week of getting back to my good happy self.
But what is funny, is that he is JUST that, what i lacked. I have no feelings for him, we are just really good friends. I am literally just refueling in great conversations, quality dates, non-stop cuddling and affection and great pussy-eating. We don't even have sex every time, he just can't get enough of making me come on his mouth. And that my friends, is a real talent, as very few knowledgable men have that gift.
His hands all over your ass cheeks, your breasts, his tongues playing with your clit like a raver on extasy...That talent of reading your body shivers, interpretating your moans, and loving what he does so much that it makes any inch of self-conciousness you may have left, dissapear. Once you see yourself through HIS desire, his lips deeply into your pussy, there is no way not to come.
As he leaves, you see this face of victory of the man that takes pride in making you smile after coming.
And for that, i am very thankful.

Don't ever under-estimate the power of the great Pussy-Eating Master.