Sunday, March 6, 2016


So i'm in bed with this guy I just met. He is everything I like, good looking educated life together very nice and extremely polite and well mannered. These last things a truly appreciate and care about. Which is why I am in bed with him. BUT this is not anything close to a relationship kinda situation yet. This is sex only right now. We have not been "classically dating" at all. 
So it's going kinda well, except I wished he picked it up a bit and really made this experience a little more zealous. 
So I ask this very polite man to talk dirty to me. To describe what he likes about me. 
And he basically tells me everything you want a man that is in love with you to tell you but the last things you want to hear about a man fucking you. 
" I love your intelligence your lips and your beautiful physique" 
Dude, we are naked sweating in bed, you never took me on a date, your dick is hard sliding between my ass cheeks, my hair is a hot mess, don't tell me you like my "beautiful physique "!!!
Now is definitely not the time to be polite I want you to be impolite I want you to tell me about my juicy ass I want you to tell me about my tight wet pussy I want you to tell me how hard your dick is and all the dirty things you want to do to me.
Damn, talk about inappropriate time and talk.