Thursday, June 19, 2014


I just learned a new synonym:

A womanizer, (in certain cases a man-whore) could just as well mean a really bad fuck.

See, the answer is in the practice.
One could think that given his extreme high number of experiences this man really has it.
Actually, this guy usually honestly think he really is the shit. So his confidence is rarely faked. 

Well lately, I've experienced just that type of man.
Gorgeous, tall, sexy, confident, I felt I wanted a piece of it.
And I did. The first dates and the first night was great.
Liking each other we decided to start seeing each other. 

Then the same thing happened...
Like the SAME THING. The same gestures, the same order... Ya... You get the picture.
He had his one scenario down, this one way of having sex, which was good if you experience it only once, but when comes the time to explore each other truly and get to the exciting part of sex, well this guy was just a giant disappointment.
Coz he really never had to. 

Sometimes, one night men should just remain that. This way you can keep that shiny and exciting image of him and your night, perfect in your mind forever.