Monday, September 9, 2013


So i've been known to watch porn here and there. Basically whenever i have nothing sexy in mind or no "special" Skype buddy available.. 

A few months back, i have made a wonderful discovery,  i have discovered: The Rocco.  

You know how porn is dull... And like 98% of it is basically all the same and looks soooo fake? Well, i have finally figured out why Rocco Sifredi is a porn STAR. And no, it's not because of his huge cock( probably a bit, yes, but let's just say, i don't really care about that fact much).
 It's because when he fucks a girl, he's really into it. And his excitement gets me off.
So now, i no longer need to surf the damn web for some decent scenario with actors that will be semi-believable, i just type: rocco.

Now what does this has to do with my ego you might ask? Well, let me explain.
As i said earlier, i have a few "special" friends and sometimes, when a girl feels lonely.... or horny, then she might reach out to a guy she really shouldn't. Ladies, you know what i mean.
So now, i would say i turn to Rocco every time i need a quick " come" or just feel i should probably avoid making a certain conversation take a unwanted turn...

I feel much freer emotionally. 

Thank you Rocco.