Thursday, May 17, 2012


You know what's awesome? Getting laid.
You know what sucks? The time in between getting laid.
Is it just me or is there this 2-3 week threshold of time where, if you're not getting laid regularly, you are almost MURDEROUS to get cock. It's crazy. It's like hormones in overdrive. I hate it. I feel like a 16 yr old boy.

One time, well into a two week spiral of no-sex, I was getting rung up at the grocery store cash register:

"Would you like a bag?"
"Boy, would I!!!.................I mean yes please."

And if there is a God, I'm quite sure he hates women because he turns me into a ravenous pervert every time I'm on my period! I don't want my next lay to look like a crime scene!!!

Oh, woe is me.