Thursday, January 26, 2012


So i've figured out something obvious: you can actually get attached to anything you spend enough time with.
At least for me.
I'm like a giant sponge of emotions that puts love and a bit of myself in pretty much everything i do. It's a good thing in a way because when i'm happy, i'm probably happier then most people's happiness. It also allows me to enjoy the simplest or weirdest moments or things.
But it also makes me somehow get attached to things i really deeply don't care for. Or guys i KNOW i don't have anything in common with or like for their deep qualities. Yes, i could basically fall for a cucumber if i spent enough quality time with it.
Because i knew at first i didn't care that much and because i somehow always think i have my shit under control, i've allowed him to be part of my life (time wise).
Basically: don't confuse habit with love.
So i've decided that i will treat my time like it's precious gold and only give it to people i deeply care for. By deeply care, i mean people that will elevate me, love me and teach me.
Ladies, now i know: Time is Heart.